Founded by five junior doctors passionate about improving medical education, TeachMedics is here to support medical students and doctors in training. We offer help in navigating key milestones and honing the fundamental, transferrable skills necessary to allow individuals to flourish in their careers.

We focus on three key areas: providing free teaching material in the form of presentations, running national courses, and offering mentorship schemes to young doctors.

TeachMedics Presentations

Helping provide great teaching

We have spent time and care working on a library of validated, free and easy to use presentations to help teach medical students.


Common problems faced when teaching

  1. Despite enthusiasm for teaching, time constraints make preparing teaching material onerous

  2. Junior doctors can often only spare 20-30 minutes to teach during the day

  3. Existing teaching materials are usually aimed at 1 hour teaching slots


Our solution

  1. Ready-made teaching slides on a variety of medical and surgical topics

  2. Lecture notes to accompany the slide set to make teaching easy

  3. Mixture of case based and didactic formats to provide flexibility and targeted learning

  4. Designed to be delivered in 20 minutes

  5. Reliable, peer reviewed content by senior doctors prior to publication

  6. Regularly updated using your feedback and changes in clinical practice


TeachMedics Courses


To teach, to inspire

We provide a range of courses to help medical students and junior doctors progress through their careers


Common problems with medical courses

  1. Topics are often based on speakers’ interests rather than designed for the attendees

  2. Information on career ‘next steps’ difficult to trust and outdated

  3. Courses can be prohibitively expensive

  4. Difficult to get study leave to attend courses


Our solution

  1. Content delivered by those most able to connect with their audience (near-peer teaching)

  2. Flexible approach with half-day formats held on weekends; easy to access venues throughout London and the South of England

  3. Reasonable pricing aimed at covering costs rather than driving profit

  4. Oversight by course tutors with exceptional experience in teaching and organization


In total, we have delivered six national courses since 2013. Please see individual pages for testimonials and details.

TeachMedics Mentorship


Supporting doctors achieve their full potential


Our vision is to help people become the best possible candidate that they can be and to shine during milestone career hurdles


Common problems with career ‘next steps’

  1. Specialty training applications are very competitive

  2. A shifting landscape or requirements for applications year-on-year mean existing resources can be quickly outdated

  3. Guidance primarily focused on achieving competencies rather than demonstrating excellence necessary for successful applications

  4. Career specific CV advice difficult to obtain from trusted and relevant sources


Our solution

  1. Highly accomplished and capable tutors across a wide range of specialties and skills

  2. 1-to-1 tutorials tailored to the individuals needs

  3. Practical insights, strategies, and techniques provided by our expert tutors

  4. Targeted advice on making the most of your time and getting the most from projects